Every one of my images starts with a photograph and
culminates in a stylized interpretation of the subject using
the natural hues of wood veneer to represent the light
values in the source photo.

Using Photoshop as a design tool, I create a value study of
the original photograph, which becomes a template that I
use to cut the veneers by hand.  The resulting pieces fit
together similarly to a puzzle and are then glued to a

I use a variety of domestic and exotic wood veneers. The
texture, grain, and figure of each piece of veneer are
unique and lend extraordinary depth to my work.  
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Marquetry is a centuries-old art form that makes use of the broad
variety of textures and colors in wood veneer to represent various
hues and light values in a picture.  The artist cuts various veneers with
a knife or a saw and fits the pieces tightly together to form a picture
in a single plane which is then glued to a substrate.  .  .

Rob Milam has adapted his craft to portraiture. He produces
commissioned and speculative works.

To immortalize your loved ones in wood, inquire of Rob at
404-271-5720 or
Paul Schurch (also a source for veneer, veneering tools and
marquetry instruction)
Silas Kopf
W. Patrick Edwards
Folks and organizations that I like or am in
some way associated with (even if tenuously).
Exceptionally talented craftsmen:
Certainly Wood
B&B Rare Woods
Veneer Tech
and my personal home-town favorite
Carlton McLendon Rare Woods and Veneers
Veneer Dealers
Other good people
Atlanta MADE - a boutique of locally made stuff
ConsultArt - Art consultants and curators
Decatur Market and Gallery
Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces
Marquetry by Rob Milam is now proudly displayed and
available for public consumption now at ATLANTA MADE
1187 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318